Platform lifts offer a wide range of access solutions whether it is for the home or for the office. Platform lifts can accommodate a wide range of sizes, heights and loads making them very versatile.

Vertical platforms can serve multiple floor levels with many design options available and also a choice of manual or powered doors. These units can also be arranged to serve parallel floors making them a good choice for buildings with several levels that require access and egress in different directions.

Mobility platforms are a good option where space is an issue. These lifts have the ability to transport a wheel chair and user up and down the stairs with ease. The lifts are fitted with ramps to allow easy access and egress to and from the unit giving the user total independence.

Lift Service Midlands, Lift Breakdown Midlands, Lift Repairs Midlands
Lift Service Midlands, Lift Breakdown Midlands, Lift Repairs Midlands

Passenger scissor lifts are used for small vertical travel distances. These units do not require a lift shaft and have guarding and gates to ensure the user is kept safe during the lifts travel. Industrial scissor lifts can be used to lift pallets in a goods in area or as a dock leveller on loading bay areas.

Ceiling hoists are a good aid to assist with mobility. These lifts are fitted to a track that is fixed to the ceiling and has the ability to lift and lower using a portable control station. These units are often installed in private addresses as well as leisure centres and changing rooms.

Alpha lift services can maintain, repair and supply any of the above lifts listed at your request.